Laundry Bags


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Laundry delicates bags are a great way to keep all of your, especially handmade, clothes and accessories safe when they are washed. Made from strong, high quality mesh, these bags are built to last. The zip have a piece of elastic at the end to keep it from wear/tear and bags are finished with a satin "Button Fox" tag.

They come in 3 sizes;
  • Small - (18 x 18 x 15) This one is especially built for small extra delicate pieces like face masks or small lace items. It does this with a strong plastic frame at the top and base of the bag.
  • Medium - (28 x 38) This bag will fit products such as; Caplets, t-shirts, skirts, foxmas hat and scarves.
  • Large - (59 x 49) This ginormous bag is perfect for your oversized clothing such as ; Long capes, skull hoodies, ponchos, glider capes & bombers.

If you can't decide on a size or just have heaps of delicates, choose the "set" option to receive one in each size and save $5!

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