Frayed Ally // Media Kit


Feat. deduction, strategy, and explosive misfortune! 💣

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What's in IN THE BOX?

🃏 Ultra thick 400 gsm cards: 8 unique character and 34 action cards to ignite your hand.

📜 Rulebook: A book of the rules with cute visuals to help you get started playing immediately.

🟥 Playmat: A mat with dynamic art to enhance play, allowing space for the deck and discard pile.

💀 Skull Tokens: Double-sided skull tokens to track your health points.

🖼️ Adorable Illustrations: HURRiCANE | @animalk_hurricane


⚔️ Simple Gameplay: Draw cards, attack players, and strategically use action cards to your advantage.

🔎 Mystery and Deduction: Discover characters in play for an added layer of intrigue and deduction.

💣 Beware of Traps: Bombs are hidden throughout the deck that explode upon pickup.

Special Abilities: Each character possesses powerful, unique abilities that can be unleashed when in a critical state.

👑 3 Paths to Victory: There are different ways to win and it can change each game depending on the characters in play.


How To Win The Game
There are 3 types of characters: VILLAIN, MINION, and RIVAL.
1. VILLAIN and MINIONS, also known as FOES, win collectively as a team by eliminating all RIVALS in play.
2. RIVALS, on the other hand, fight for glory. They only win solo by dealing the final blow that defeats the VILLAIN.
3. However, as characters are randomly dealt at the start of the game, a VILLAIN might not be in play. If that’s the case, it becomes a classic battle royale; the last character standing wins.


Set in the untamed streets of Sewer City, where the echo of clashing weapons and the stench of burning magic fill the alleyways, a fierce battle royale unfolds.

The VILLAIN with a thirst for power and ultimate destruction, commands an army of loyal, chaotic MINIONS, ready to detonate onto the scene. Standing against them are RIVAL animals, each fighting for survival but competing for glory. Don the cloak of one of these random, crafty characters, each with their own unique play style and disruptive special ability.

Take turns attacking your adversaries and strategically wielding an array of action cards at your disposal. With each successful hit, send skull tokens flying until players inevitably fall. Unravel the identity of those on the brink of defeat, claw your way to the top and unleash your inner animal to win.

The path to victory lies within the paws of the craftiest FRAYED ALLY.


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Kickstarter Campaign Page
Launch: Tuesday, October 24, 2023
Successfully Funded in 9 Hours
Creator 🦊 Button Fox Crafts
Pitch 🎉 A Party Card Game
📝 Deduction and Strategy
🕹️ 2-8 Players (Optimal with 4-6)
🕒 15-20mins
👤 Ages 14+
Contact 👥 Jesse & Hayley
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🏋️‍♂️ 600 Grams
📦 20 Decks Per Box
UPC: 9369999932909
📏 23cm x 16cm x 5cm


💭 Frayed Ally is fast, frantic fun with anthropomorphic animals battling it out on the mean streets of Sewer City at Uno-like speed and intensity. What's not to like? The Tuesday Review
💭 I especially resonated with the 'jump-in' style of gameplay, trying to steal the kill away from other players. I also liked the simplicity of the game and how fast-paced it was. Angus (Game Tester)
💭 I got to playtest this at PAX AUS. It's a great little game that has more depth than you might initially think. The battle royale aspect has never been so cute, eloquent, and strategically timed! Alex (Level Up Dice)
💭 I found it very fun to play against strangers. The game takes roughly 15–30 minutes, depending on how many people jump in but as the characters can be completely random, it adds plenty of replayability to the game. All you have to do is shuffle up and go again for an all-new round with different ways to play. Qualbert Game Reviews
💭 The art style is amazing, and the gameplay is very fun and easy to pick up. Mystery and strategy in finding out who the villain is make each game very different. Bombs also give off a bit of an exploding kitten vibe and spice up the game very nicely. Thomas (Game Tester)